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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Radiographs of the brain

Lateral pneumoencephalogram; lateral ventricles and third ventricle

Image #34-5

KEYWORDS: Ventricules, Overview.

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Radiographs of the brain
Lateral pneumoencephalogram; lateral ventricles and third ventricle
Air which was injected into the ventricles through the two trephine holes (15), partially fills each lateral ventricle (areas of overlapping indicated by dense stipple in drawing), the third ventricle and the cerebral aqueduct. The third ventricle is clearly visible only because it is somewhat dilated. The positions of its various recesses and borders, however, are not displaced appreciably. An oval area (8), of greater density than the surrounding outline of the third ventricle, may represent the massa intermedia. However, the position of this area is somewhat anterior to the usual location for this structure.
1 . Orbital part of frontal bone
2 . Cribriform plate ethmoid bone
3 . Sulcus of left middle meningeal artery
4 . Anterior horn lateral ventricle left
5 . Interventricular foramen
6 . Sulcus of middle meningeal artery (anterior branch)
7 . Sulcus middle meningeal artery (posterior branch)
8 . Area of opacity due to soft tissue, possibly the massa intermedia
9 . Third ventricle
10 . Central part of left lateral ventricle
11 . Area of overlapping air shadows of the right and left lateral ventricles
12 . Atrium of the lateral ventricle
13 . Posterior horn lateral ventricle left
14 . Posterior horn lateral ventricle right
15 . Trephine openings
16 . Lateral margin of orbit
17 . Hard palate
18 . Anterior wall of middle cranial fossa right
19 . Anterior wall of middle cranial fossa left
20 . Anterior clinoid process sphenoid bone
21 . Optic recess third ventricle (supraoptic recess)
22 . Posterior clinoid process sphenoid bone
23 . Sphenoidal sinus (anterior boundaries are not clearly defined)
24 . Infundibular recess third ventricle
25 . Inferior horn of lateral ventricle right
26 . Pineal recess
27 . Cerebral aqueduct
28 . Suprapineal recess
29 . Margins of operative resection of occipital bone