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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Serial transverse sections of the brain stem

Medulla oblongata.

Image #29-6

KEYWORDS: Brain, Medulla, Midbrain.

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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
Medulla oblongata.
The inferior olivary nucleus and medial accessory olive are prominent at this level, 4 mm. higher in the medulla. From these nuclei numerous olivocerebellar fibers pass as internal arcuate fibers to the restiform bodies which in this section are not completely organized. The hypoglossal nucleus (4) is still present, although not as clearly defined as before, and an emerging filament of the nerve is seen below the right olive.
1 . Longitudinal fissure (cerebral)
2 . Uvula (vermis)
3 . Choroid plexus fourth ventricle and area acustica
4 . Nucleus hypoglossal nerve (XII).
5 . Tractus solitarius
6 . Spinal trigeminal tract and nucleus
7 . Inferior olivary nucleus
8 . Medial accessory olivary nucleus
9 . Pyramid (medulla oblongata)
10 . Facial nerve (VII)
11 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (VII)
12 . Emboliform nucleus
13 . Hilus dentate nucleus
14 . Dentate nucleus
15 . Tonsil (ventral paraflocculus)
16 . Posterolateral fissure
17 . Taenia fourth ventricle and dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve (X) (dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve)
18 . Restiform body (inferior cerebellar peduncle )
19 . Ventral cochlear nucleus
20 . Position of nucleus ambiguous
21 . Medial lemniscus
22 . Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX) and vagus (X)
23 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
24 . Middle cerebellar peduncle
25 . Trigeminal nerve (V)
26 . Pons
27 . Oculomotor nerve (III)