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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Cross sections of right foot

Section through sustentaculum tali and tarsal sinus

Image #205-3

KEYWORDS: Ankle, Bones joints cartilage, Foot and toes.

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Cross sections of right foot
Section through sustentaculum tali and tarsal sinus
The plane of the cut is nearly vertical and is such that the anterior part of the ankle joint (2) is included in the section with the posterior part of the talocalcaneonavicular joint (17). The relation of the flexor tendons to the sustentaculum tali is illustrated. In the plane of section all of the long tendons are enclosed within synovial sheaths reinforced by fibrous sheaths.
1 . Extensor digitorum longus muscle (tendon)
2 . Talocrural articular space
3 . Inferior extensor retinaculum
4 . Talus
5 . Branch of lateral tarsal artery
6 . Upper pointer: Intemediate root of inferior extensor retinaculum Lower pointer: Tarsal sinus
7 . Peroneus brevis muscle (tendon)
8 . Upper pointer: Inferior peroneal retinaculum Lower pointer: Peroneus longus muscle
9 . Calcaneus
10 . Abductor digiti minimi muscle
11 . Long plantar ligament
12 . Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
13 . Plantar aponeurosis (lateral and intermedial portions)
14 . Extensor hallucis longus muscle (tendon)
15 . Tibialis anterior muscle (tendon)
16 . Greater saphenous vein
17 . Talocalcaneonavicular articular space (articulation between talus and middle surface of calcaneus)
18 . Tibiocalcaneal part of deltoid ligament
19 . Tibialis posterior muscle (tendon within synovial sheath)
20 . Sustentaculum tali
21 . Flexor digitorum longus muscle (tendon within synovial sheath)
22 . Upper pointer: Flexor hallucis longus muscle (tendon within synovial sheath) Lower pointer: Medial plantar nerve (medial plantar artery lies slightly inferior to nerve and is small)
23 . Abductor hallucis muscle
24 . Quadratus plantae muscle
25 . Lateral plantar nerve
26 . Lateral plantar artery and vein