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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Joints of left ankle and foot

Interior of ankle joint, anterior view

Image #203-7

KEYWORDS: Ankle, Bones joints cartilage, Foot and toes.

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Joints of left ankle and foot
Interior of ankle joint, anterior view
The tibia and fibula have been detached from the tarsal bones. The foot has been placed in a position of partial extension.
1 . Inferior articular surface of tibia
2 . Talocrural articular capsule (cut edge)
3 . Malleolar articular surface
4 . Medial malleolus
5 . Deltoid ligament (divided)
6 . Tendo calcaneus
7 . Neck of talus (pointer on cut margin of joint capsule)
8 . Head of talus (covered by ligaments)
9 . Talonavicular ligament
10 . Navicular bone (covered by ligaments)
11 . Interosseous tibiofibular ligament
12 . Anterior tibiofibular ligament (divided)
13 . Upper pointer: Malleolar articular surface Lower pointer: Transverse tibiofibular ligament
14 . Anterior talofibular ligament (divided)
15 . Superior surface of trochlea of talus
16 . Tarsal sinus
17 . Calcaneus (pointer on superior tubercle)
18 . Dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament