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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of knee

Interior of right knee joint, medial view

Image #191-4

KEYWORDS: Bones joints cartilage, Knee, Muscles and tendons.

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Dissection of knee
Interior of right knee joint, medial view
The medial parts of the joint capsule have been cut away to display the cavity in relation to the ligaments and the medial meniscus. The margins of the narrow part of the joint space located below the meniscus are indicated by pointer 20.
1 . Quadriceps tendon
2 . Suprapatellar bursa
3 . Patellar articular surface
4 . Articular capsule (pointers indicate margins of opening into joint cavity)
5 . Area occupied by infrapatellar fat body
6 . Patellar ligament
7 . Medial condyle of tibia
8 . Tibial tuberosity
9 . Medial inferior genicular artery
10 . Lower attachment of medial patellar retinaculum
11 . Body of femur
12 . Lateral superior genicular artery
13 . Adductor magnus muscle (tendon at insertion on adductor tubercle of femur)
14 . Medial epicondyle of femur
15 . Rete articulare genus
16 . Collateral ligament of tibia (anterior portion removed)
17 . Medial condyle of femur
18 . Medial meniscus (border attached to anterior portion of medial collateral ligament)
19 . Articular capsule (thickened posterior portion)
20 . Margins of articular space below meniscus
21 . Sartorius muscle (tendon of insertion)