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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior and medial aspects of thigh

Femoral sheath

Image #186-2

KEYWORDS: Fascia, Muscles and tendons, Thigh.

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Dissection of anterior and medial aspects of thigh
Femoral sheath
Below the inguinal ligament the femoral sheath (13) has been exposed by removing the superficial inguinal lymph nodes, the cribiform fascia and part of the fascia lata which bounds the saphenous opening. The inferior part of the falciform margin of this opening has been retained (17).
1 . Inguinal ligament
2 . Location of femoral canal (note lymphatic vessels penetrating femoral sheath in this area) 3. Intercrural fibers
4 . Superficial inguinal ring (left pointer, medial crus; right pointer, lateral crus)
5 . Ilioinguinal nerve (cut off)
6 . Spermatic cord (external spermatic fascia removed cremasteric fascia exposed)
7 . Pectineus muscle (covered by fascia)
8 . Adductor longus muscle (covered by fascia lata)
9 . Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
10 . Iliopsoas muscle (covered by iliopsoas fascia)
11 . Cutaneous branches of anterior femoral nerve
12 . Superficial circumflex iliac artery
13 . Femoral sheath
14 . Sartorius muscle (covered by fascia lata)
15 . Greater saphenous vein (cut off)
16 . Deep inguinal lymph node
17 . Margo falciformis (inferior horn)
18 . Fascia lata