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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of gluteal region and hip

Interior of left hip joint, lateral view

Image #182-2

KEYWORDS: Bones joints cartilage.

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Exploration of gluteal region and hip
Interior of left hip joint, lateral view
The articular capsule has been widely opened. The femur has been partially dislocated from the acetabulum and adducted so that the shaft of the bone lies against the pubic symphysis.
1 . Body of ilium
2 . Line of reflection of synovial membrane at margin of joint cavity
3 . Acetabular margin
4 . Synovial membrane covering fat pad within acetabular fossa
5 . Ligament of femoral head (pointer near attachment of ligament to fovea of head of femur)
6 . Rectus femoris muscle (tendon of origin)
7 . Femoral nerve
8 . Iliofemoral ligament (cut across)
9 . Acetabular lunate surface
10 . Articular capsule (cut through)
11 . Head of femur
12 . Body of femur (in background)
13 . Articular branch of sciatic nerve
14 . Sciatic nerve
15 . Articular capsule (ischiofemoral ligament)
16 . Body of ischium
17 . Ischial tuberosity
18 . Ischial ramus
19 . Piriform muscle (tendon near insertion on greater trochanter)
20 . Neck of femur (covered by synovial membrane)
21 . Articular capsule (reflected to display zona orbicularis)