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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of male pelvis from a lateral approach

Pelvic plexus of right side, medial view

Image #172-2

KEYWORDS: Peripheral nervous system.

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Dissection of male pelvis from a lateral approach
Pelvic plexus of right side, medial view
The pelvic plexus on the right side of the specimen has been freed of connective tissue. The superior hypogastric plexus is visible entering from above. Extending to the pelvic plexus from the sacral part of the sympathetic trunk is one sacral splanchnic nerve (18). The pelvic splanchnic nerves (19, 20) from the 3rd and 4th sacral nerves carry parasympathetic fibers to the plexus. Branches of the pelvic plexus to the ureter, ductus deferens, bladder, prostate and rectum are visible.
1 . Common iliac artery
2 . Superior hypogastric plexus
3 . Ureter right
4 . Upper pointer: Internal iliac artery Lower pointer: Nerve to ureter from superior hypogastric plexus
5 . External iliac artery and vein
6 . Left pointer: Deferential plexus Right pointer: Ductus deferens
7 . Lateral umbilical ligament
8 . Urinary bladder
9 . Pubic symphysis
10 . Prostate
11 . Anal canal
12 . Lumbosacral trunk
13 . Articular surface of sacrum
14 . Internal iliac vein
15 . Left pointer: Sacral nerve I Right pointer: Sympathetic trunk (pointer on ganglion)
16 . Sacral nerve II
17 . Sacral nerve I right (in background)
18 . Sacral splanchnic nerve (sympathetic)
19 . Pelvic splanchnic nerve (parasympathetic)
20 . Pelvic splanchnic nerve (parasympathetic)
21 . Pelvic ganglion (in pelvic plexus)
22 . Rectal branch of pelvic plexus
23 . Filament of prostatic plexus
24 . Left pointer: Vesical plexus Right pointer: Seminal vesicle