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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of male pelvis from a lateral approach

Interior of bladder

Image #170-6

KEYWORDS: Urinary tract.

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Dissection of male pelvis from a lateral approach
Interior of bladder
A large opening has been made in the left wall of the bladder to afford a view of the interior, particularly the area of the trigone.
1 . Left ureteric opening
2 . Fundus of bladder (mucosal tunic intact)
3 . Right pointer: Interureteric fold Left pointer: Trigone of urinary bladder (pointer indicates central part of trigone)
4 . Right utereric opening
5 . Right pointer: Apex of bladder Left pointer: Umbilicovesical fascia
6 . Umbilical prevesical fascia
7 . Internal urethral opening
8 . Retropubic space
9 . Puboprostatic ligament
10 . Pubic symphysis
11 . Upper pointer: Transverse perineal ligament Lower pointer: Dorsal vein of the penis (passing inward to prostatic plexus)
12 . Ureter left (cut off)
13 . Seminal vesicle
14 . Rectum
15 . Prostate (pointer on base)
16 . Pubovesicalis muscle
17 . Muscular tunic of bladder
18 . Levator ani muscle (medial border of puborectalis muscle)
19 . Superior fascia of urogenital diaphragm
20 . Sphincter muscle of urethra (remnant surrounding wall of membranous part of urethra) 21. Spongy part of urethra (opened)