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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect

Anterior limb of anterior commissure

Image #17-2

KEYWORDS: Brain, Peripheral nervous system, Telencephalon.

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Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect
Anterior limb of anterior commissure
The anterior limb (15) of the anterior commissure is seen in this view as it diverges from the posterior limb and approaches the olfactory trigone (5). The gyrus rectus (9) has been cut away to expose the olfactory tract (7) in its normal position within the olfactory sulcus. The cut end of the anterior commissure is in the midline.
1 . Internal capsule
2 . Broken ends of fibers from head of caudate nucleus into internal capsule
3 . Anterior commissure
4 . Cut surface of radiation of corpus callosum
5 . Olfactory trigone
6 . Anterior cerebral artery (divided)
7 . Olfactory tract
8 . Orbital branch of anterior cerebral artery
9 . Straight gyrus (cortex removed posteriorly)
10 . Inferior temporal gyrus
11 . Stria terminalis
12 . Internal capsule
13 . Inferior margin of internal capsule
14 . Ansa lenticularis (partially cut away)
15 . Anterior part of anterior commissure
16 . Lateral region of hypothalamus
17 . Optic tract
18 . Optic recess (ependymal surface still present)
19 . Optic chiasm
20 . Infundibulum
21 . Posterior communicating artery
22 . Optic nerve (II)
23 . Uncus (hippocampal gyrus)
24 . Internal carotid artery