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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Female perineum

Deep perineal space.

Image #157-6

KEYWORDS: Perineum.

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Female perineum
Deep perineal space.
The perineal membrane (inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm) has been resected on the left side with the exception of a narrow margin of this layer (12) which remains anteriorly. The contents of the deep perineal space are thus exposed.
1 . Glans of clitoris
2 . Labium minus
3 . External urethral opening
4 . Ischiocavernosus muscle (visible through deep perineal fascia)
5 . Upper pointer: Vagina Lower pointer: Hymenal caruncle
6 . Deep perineal fascia
7 . Ischiorectal fossa
8 . Suspensory ligament of clitoris
9 . Body of clitoris
10 . Left pointer: Right crus of clitoris Right pointer: Septum of corpus cavernosum
11 . Left crus of clitoris
12 . Perineal membrane (marginal remnant)
13 . Inferior pubic ramus (covered by fibrous tissue)
14 . Sphincter muscle of urethra (within deep perineal space)
15 . Wall of vagina (cut across)
16 . Dorsal artery of clitoris
17 . Posterior labial branch perineal artery (cut off)
18 . Transverse perineal muscle profundus
19 . Central tendon of perineum
20 . Perineal raphe
21 . Anus