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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect

Median sagittal section

Image #15-6

KEYWORDS: Brain, Cerebellum, Diencephalon, Frontal lobe, Medulla, Occipital lobe, Parietal lobe, Pons, Telencephalon, Vasculature, Ventricules, Overview.

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Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect
Median sagittal section
The brain is divided in the mid-sagittal plane to expose the medial surface of the cerebral hemisphere and midline structures of the brain stem and cerebellum. The third ventricle, cerebral aqueduct, fourth ventricle and central canal are exposed. In the telencephalon the actual, cut surfaces include the corpus callosum, rostral lamina, lamina terminalis, septum pellucidum, fornix and anterior commissure. In the diencephalon the structures divided are the optic chiasma, infundibulum and floor of the third ventricle, massa intermedia, tela chorioidea of the roof of the third ventricle, pineal body and the habenular and posterior commissures. The hypophysis has been removed. The basilar artery is intact, but its branches to the left are all divided. The distribution of the anterior cerebral artery to the hemisphere is shown.
1 . Superior frontal gyrus
2 . Anterior medial frontal arteries
3 . Cingulate sulcus (callosomarginal artery lies within this sulcus)
4 . Cingulate gyrus
5 . Pericallosal artery
6 . Frontopolar artery
7 . Frontal pole
8 . Genu corpus callosum
9 . Septum pellucidum and cavit of septum pellucidum
10 . Orbital artery
11 . Anterior communicating artery (cut off)
12 . Optic chiasm
13 . Internal carotid artery
14 . Uncus (hippocampal gyrus)
15 . Cerebral aqueduct
16 . Pons
17 . Basilar artery
18 . Fourth ventricle
19 . Vertebral artery left (cut off)
20 . Medulla oblongata
21 . Central canal
22 . Central sulcus (of Rolando)
23 . Paracentral lobule
24 . Middle medial frontal arteries
25 . Marginal part cingulate sulcus
26 . Posterior medial frontal artery
27 . Fornix (body)
28 . Subparietal sulcus
29 . Thalamus, massa intermedia and pineal body
30 . Precuneus
31 . Parieto-occipital fissure
32 . Branch of posterior cerebral artery in calcarine fissure
33 . Cuneus
34 . Occipital pole
35 . Lingual gyrus
36 . Transverse fissure
37 . Cerebellum
38 . Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
39 . Cerebellar tonsil