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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of male inguinal region and spermatic cord

External spermatic fascia; cremasteric fascia

Image #135-5


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Dissection of male inguinal region and spermatic cord
External spermatic fascia; cremasteric fascia
Scarpa's fascia has been removed except for that portion near the midline which fuses with the suspensory ligament of the penis (4) and continues into the scrotum to blend with the dartos tunic (6). The external spermatic fascia (14), which has been split longitudinally and reflected, can be traced upward toward the superficial inguinal ring where it is continuous with the intercrural (intercolumnar) fascia. The cremasteric fascia (13) has been exposed by the reflection of the external spermatic fascia. Fusion between the several layers around the testis has made it impossible to effect a complete separation of the lower parts of the dartos tunic, external spermatic fascia and cremasteric fascia.
1 . Iliohypogastric nerve (anterior cutaneous branches)
2 . Superficial inguinal ring (medial crus visible through intercrural fascia)
3 . Ilioinguinal nerve (cut off)
4 . Upper pointer: Scarpa's fascia Lower pointer: Suspensory ligament of the penis
5 . Superficial fascia of the penis (dartos)
6 . Dartos fascia (note continuation of Scarpa's fascia into dartos tunic from abdominal wall)
7 . Position of head of epididymis
8 . Position of testis
9 . Area of fusion between external spermatic and cremasteric fascial layers
10 . Upper pointer: Aponeurosis external oblique muscle Lower pointer: Inguinal ligament
11 . Anterior cutaneous branch femoral nerve (aberrant course)
12 . Cribriform fascia
13 . Cremasteric fascia (m. cremaster visible through fascia)
14 . External spermatic fascia (split longitudinally, margins reflected)
15 . Superficial inguinal lymph node
16 . Great saphenous vein (cut off)
17 . External pudendal artery
18 . Anterior cutaneous branch femoral nerve
19 . Upper pointer: Line along which Scarpa's fascia fused with fascia of thigh Lower pointer: Membranous layer in deep part of superficial fascia external to fascia lata