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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of thorax from a posterior approach

Thoracic viscera.

Image #132-5

KEYWORDS: Esophagus.

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Dissection of thorax from a posterior approach
Thoracic viscera.
The thoracic aorta and the azygos and hemiazygos veins have been removed to display the thoracic duct and the esophagus. Delicate connective tissue has been stripped from the esophageal wall. Numerous, small veins were present near the lower end of the esophagus, most of which have been cut away. The lungs are deflated.
1 . Left subclavian artery
2 . Recurrent laryngeal nerve
3 . Left superior intercostal vein
4 . Aortic arch (cut across at junction with thoracic aorta)
5 . Left pointer: Left pulmonary artery Right pointer: Recurrent laryngeal nerve
6 . Left main bronchus (note bronchial artery cut off near its source from thoracic aorta)
7 . Thoracic duct
8 . Esophagus
9 . Left inferior pulmonary vein
10 . Vagus nerve left
11 . Pericardium
12 . Lower lobe left lung
13 . Pulmonary ligament
14 . Subpericardial space (adipose tissue, veins and lymphatic structures removed)
15 . Diaphragm
16 . Upper lobe left lung
17 . Intervertebral disc Th. II-III
18 . Vagus nerve right
19 . Trachea
20 . Upper lobe right lung
21 . Right brachiocephalic vein
22 . Bronchial branch of thoracic aorta
23 . Azygos vein (cut off)
24 . Right main bronchus
25 . Right pulmonary artery
26 . Right inferior pulmonary vein
27 . Inferior lobe right lung
28 . Inferior vena cava
29 . Esophageal hiatus
30 . Upper pointer: Thoracic aorta (cut off) Lower pointer: Intervertebral disc Th. XI-XII
31 . Pleura (cut at line of reflection from diaphragm to mediastinum)