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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of diaphragm

Diaphragm viewed from below

Image #130-6

KEYWORDS: Diaphragm, Muscles and tendons.

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Dissection of diaphragm
Diaphragm viewed from below
The peritoneum and the abdominal viscera have been removed from the body. The inferior surface of the diaphragm has been cleared of fascia. The psoas fascia and the fascia which covered the left quadratus lumborum muscle have been cut away. The view is from below and in front.
1 . Xiphoid process
2 . Central tendon of diaphragm (three parts, central, right and left. each have a surface layer of muscle or aponeurotic fibers coursing at right angles to deeper tendinous fibers)
3 . Line of attachment of falciform ligament of liver
4 . Hepatic vein (cut off)
5 . Upper pointer: Vena caval foramen Lower pointer: Inferior vena cava (cut off)
6 . Branches right phrenic nerve
7 . Phrenic arteries
8 . Right pointer: Duodenal suspensory muscle (cut off near attachment to right crus of diaphragm) Left pointer: Greater splanchnic nerve (celiac ganglion removed)
9 . Right pointer: Right crus lumbar part diaphragm Left pointer: Lumbocostal arch (arcuate ligament)
10 . Intervertebral disc L. II-III
11 . Upper pointer: Costal pleura (fascia in vertebrocostal triangle removed) Lower pointer: Fascia forming lateral lumbocostal arch
12 . Phrenic branch of intercostal artery XI
13 . Sympathetic trunk
14 . Thoracolumbar fascia (anterior layer)
15 . Costal cartilage VIII
16 . Location of branches of phrenic nerve left (not visible in view)
17 . Esophagus (cut off)
18 . Esophageal hiatus
19 . Upper pointer: Celiac trunk Lower pointer: Superior mesenteric artery
20 . Upper pointer: Aortic hiatus Lower pointer: Left crus lumbar part diaphragm
21 . Upper pointer: Left renal artery Lower pointer: Abdominal aorta
22 . Costal part of diaphragm
23 . Rib XII (covered by periosteum)
24 . Upper pointer: Intercostal nerve XII (subcostal nerve) Lower pointer: Subcostalis artery
25 . Quadratus lumborum muscle
26 . Psoas major muscle
27 . Iliac crest