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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of lungs in situ

Right lung.

Image #124-4

KEYWORDS: Lung, Right lung, Vasculature.

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Dissection of lungs in situ
Right lung.
The dissection has been extended from that shown in the previous view to include the anterior and apical segments of the upper lobe.
1 . Upper lobe right lung
2 . Apical segmental bronchus (pointer on apical branch)
3 . Apical branch right pulmonary artery
4 . Superior intersegmental vein
5 . Upper pointer: Anterior branch right pulmonary artery Lower pointer Intersegmental vein
6 . Anterior segmental bronchus (pointer on anterior branch)
7 . Branch to middle lobe right pulmonary artery
8 . Medial segmental bronchus of middle lobe
9 . Division between upper and middle lobes (no horizontal fissure on medial aspect of specimen)
10 . Middle lobe right lung
11 . Inferior lobe right lung
12 . Brachiocephalic trunk and right brachiocephalic vein
13 . Anterior mediastinal lymph node and lymph vessel
14 . Left brachiocephalic vein (cut off)
15 . Aortic arch
16 . Internal thoracic artery and vein and lymph vessel
17 . Right auricle
18 . Pericardium (reflected)
19 . Right ventricle
20 . Right atrium (covered by pleura and pericardium)
21 . Transversus thoracis muscle (cut off)