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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Detailed dissection of heart

Tricuspid valve, anterior view

Image #121-5

KEYWORDS: Heart, Right heart.

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Detailed dissection of heart
Tricuspid valve, anterior view
An elongated opening has been made in the anterior wall of the right ventricle and conus arteriosus. The flap formed by the incision has been retracted downward. The right atrium is visible in the upper left portion of the specimen.
1 . Fat in coronary sulcus
2 . Trabeculae carnae (cut across in dissection)
3 . Anterior cusp tricuspid valve
4 . Chordae tendineae
5 . Posterior cusp tricuspid valve
6 . Anterior papillary muscle
7 . Ascending aorta
8 . Right auricle
9 . Conus arteriosus
10 . Supraventricular crest
11 . Septal papillary muscles
12 . Endocardial surface of reflected ventricular wall
13 . Septal (medial) cusp of tricuspid valve