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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Thoracic viscera in situ

Anterior view of thoracic contents, rib cage removed

Image #116-3

KEYWORDS: Left lung, Lung, Pleura, Right lung, Overview.

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Thoracic viscera in situ
Anterior view of thoracic contents, rib cage removed
Both upper limbs have been detached. The upper nine ribs have been removed bilaterally with the exception of the first rib on the left. The manubrium and most of the body of the sternum have also been removed. The pleural cavities have been opened. On the right the apex of the lung is visible within the cupula of the pleura.
1 . Phrenic nerve
2 . Vagus nerve
3 . Right brachiocephalic vein (cut off)
4 . Fascia surrounding thymus
5 . Upper lobe right lung
6 . Pleura (cut along costomediastinal reflections)
7 . Middle lobe right lung
8 . Inferior lobe right lung
9 . Pleural fold
10 . Xiphoid process
11 . Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle (lamina posterior)
12 . Linea alba
13 . Rectus abdominis muscle
14 . Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle (lamina anterior)
15 . Thyroid cartilage
16 . Left internal jugular vein
17 . Thyroid gland
18 . Trachea
19 . Thymus
20 . Upper lobe left lung
21 . Internal thoracic artery
22 . Pericardium (covered by mediastinal pleura)
23 . Anterior mediastinal cavity
24 . Costal cartilage VI
25 . Diaphragm (covered by diaphragmatic pleura)
26 . Pleura (cut along costodiaphragmatic reflection)