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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of breast and anterolateral thoracic wall

Pectoral muscles

Image #115-2

KEYWORDS: Breast, Fascia and connective tissue, Muscles and tendons.

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Dissection of breast and anterolateral thoracic wall
Pectoral muscles
The left pectoralis major (9) has been reflected. Its clavicular (2), sternocostal (3) and abdominal (4) origins have been preserved. The pectoralis minor (10) is covered by a layer of the clavipectoral fascia.
1 . Sternocleidomastoid muscle
2 . Clavicular part pectoralis major muscle (cut across)
3 . Sternocostal part of pectoralis major muscle (cut across)
4 . Upper pointer: Abdominal part pectoralis major muscle (cut across) Lower pointer: Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle
5 . Supraclavicular nerves
6 . Axillary vein
7 . Anterior thoracic nerve
8 . Remnant of pectoral fascia
9 . Pectoralis major muscle (reflected laterally)
10 . Pectoralis minor muscle
11 . Rib II
12 . Body of sternum
13 . Pectoral fascia (at former position of lateral border of pectoralis major)
14 . Serratus anterior muscle
15 . Lateral cutaneous branch intercostal nerve VII