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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Lateral aspect of right hand

Nerve and blood supply to first dorsal interosseous muscle

Image #105-5

KEYWORDS: Hand and fingers, Neuralnetwork, Peripheral nervous system, Vasculature.

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Lateral aspect of right hand
Nerve and blood supply to first dorsal interosseous muscle
The muscle has been detached from its origin on the first metacarpal bone and dissected. The course of the deep branch of the ulnar nerve toward its point of entry into this muscle is shown in 105-1.
1 . Common extensor digitorum muscle (tendon to index finger)
2 . Extensor indicis muscle (tendon of insertion)
3 . Dorsal metacarpal artery II
4 . Metacarpal II
5 . Dorsal interosseous muscle II (dorsal interosseous fascia removed)
6 . Dorsal metacarpal artery III
7 . Dorsal metacarpal artery I (displaced)
8 . Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle (tendon of insertion)
9 . Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle (tendon of insertion)
10 . Radial artery
11 . Metacarpotrapezial joint capsule
12 . Radial artery continuing into deep palmar arch
13 . Dorsal digital arteries
14 . Muscular branch radial artery (to dorsal interosseous muscle I)
15 . Muscular branch of ulnar nerve (to dorsal interosseous muscle I)
16 . Dorsal interosseous muscle I (dissected)
17 . Extensor pollicis brevis muscle (tendon of insertion)
18 . Extensor pollicis longus muscle (tendon of insertion)
19 . Extensor expansion of thumb
20 . Distal continuation of tendon of of extensor pollicis longus muscle