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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the meninges and brain in situ

Posterior view of cranial meninges

Image #1-5

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Brain, Cerebellum, Meninges, Occipital lobe, Scalp, Telencephalon, Overview.

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Exploration of the meninges and brain in situ
Posterior view of cranial meninges
On the right the calvaria and layers of the scalp are shown in relation to the dura. On the left the dura has been cut away to reveal the cerebral hemisphere and cerebellum covered with the arachnoid membrane. The confluence of the sinuses (23) is shown.
1 . Venous lacuna
2 . Diploic vein within parietal bone
3 . Parieto-occipital branch of posterior cerebral artery
4 . Superior cerebral veins (posterior branches)
5 . Posterior parietal branch of middle cerebral artery
6 . Occipital lobe
7 . Inferior cerebral vein (lateral occipital vein)
8 . Tentorium cerebelli and transverse sinus (opened)
9 . Horizontal cerebellar sulcus
10 . Branch posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA)
11 . Mastoid emissary
12 . Cerebellar tonsil (at level of foramen magnum)
13 . Medulla viewed through arachnoid membrane
14 . Superior obliquus capitis muscle (cut across)
15 . Occipitalis vein (note posterior vertebral plexus more medial and deeper in the dissection)
16 . Skin
17 . Superficial fascia
18 . Galea aponeurotica
19 . Pericranium
20 . Superior sagittal sinus
21 . Dura mater
22 . Posterior branch of middle meningeal artery
23 . Confluence of the sinuses
24 . Occipitalis muscle (cut across)
25 . Temporal bone and occipitomastoid suture
26 . Occipital sinus
27 . Posterior meningeal artery
28 . Occipital bone
29 . Posterior arch of atlas (cut across)