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  • Book
    edited by Mark Lewandoski.
    Digital : Springer2014
    In situ Hybridization Methods for Mouse Whole Mounts and Tissue Sections with and Without Additional [beta]-galactosidase Staining -- Two Color In Situ Hybridization of Whole-Mount Mouse Embryos -- Detection and Monitoring of MicroRNA Expression in Developing Mouse Brain and Fixed Brain Cryosections -- Laser Capture Microdissection of Embryonic Cells and Preparation of RNA for Microarray Assays -- EMAGE: Electronic Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression -- Real-time PCR Quantification of gene Expression in Embryonic Mouse Tissue -- Identifying Essential Genes in Mouse Development Via an ENU-based Forward Genetic Approach -- Generation of Mouse Embryos with Small Hairpin RNA-mediated Knockdown of Gene Expression -- Generation of Tissue Organoids by Compaction Reaggregation -- Ultra-Rapid Vitrification of Mouse Oocytes and Embryos -- Mammalian Preimplantation Embryo Culture -- Serum-Free Culture of Mid-Gestation Mouse Embryos: A Tool for the Study of Endoderm-Derived Organs -- Genetically Encoded Probes Provide a Window On Embryonic Arrhythmia -- Microscopic Computed Tomography-based Skeletal Phenotyping for Genetic Model Organisms -- Gene Transfer Techniques in Whole Embryo Cultured Post-Implantation Mouse Embryos -- Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis of Individual Cells in Developmental Tissues -- Protein/Peptide Transduction in Metanephric Explant Culture -- Direction of Cells Programmed to Die in Mouse Embroys -- Microscopic Computed Tomography-based ?Virtual Histology of Embryos -- Collection and Preparation of Rodent Embryonic Samples for Transcriptome Study -- The Latest Improvements in the Mouse Sperm Preservation -- Analyzing Gene Function in Whole Mouse Embryo and Fetal Organ in vitro -- Using the Textpresso Site Specific Recombinases Web Server to Identify ?Cre Expressing Mouse Strains and Floxed Alleles -- Live Imaging Mouse Embryonic Development: Seeing is Believing and Revealing -- Genetic Cell Ablation -- Essentials of Recombinase-based Genetic Fate Mapping in Mice.