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  • Book
    edited by Brent A. Reynolds, Loic P. Deleyrolle.
    Digital : Springer2013
    Culturing Fetal Precursor Cells Using Free Floating Serum-Free Conditions / Andrew Chojnacki and Samuel Weiss -- In Vitro Expansion of Fetal Neural Progenitors as Adherent Cell Lines / Steven M. Pollard -- Isolate and Culture Precursor Cells from the Adult Periventricular Area / Chiara Cavazzin, Margherita Neri, and Angela Gritti -- Culturing and Expansion of Precursor Cells from the Adult Hippocampus / Dhanisha J. Jhaveri, Boris W. Prosper, and Perry F. Bartlett -- Isolate and Culture Neural Stem Cells from the Mouse Adult Spinal Cord / Jean-Philippe Hugnot -- Culturing and Expansion of "Clinical Grade" Precursors Cells from the Fetal Human Central Nervous System / Maurizio Gelati [and five others] -- Isolating and Culturing of Precursor Cells from the Adult Human Brain / Florian A. Siebzehnrubl and Dennis A. Steindler -- Isolation and Culture of Precursor Cells from the Adult Human Spinal Cord / Luc Bauchet [and five others] -- Isolation and Enrichment of Defined Neural Cell Populations from Heterogeneous Neural Stem Cell Progeny / Hassan Azari -- Isolation of Adult Stem Cells from the Human Olfactory Mucosa / François Féron [and three others] -- Enumerating Stem Cell Frequency: Neural Colony Forming Cell Assay / Sharon A. Louis and Carmen K.H. Mak -- Flow Cytometry of Neural Cells / Geoffrey W. Osborne -- Neonatal Transplant in Hypoxic Injury / Tong Zheng and Michael D. Weiss -- Isolation and Purification of Self-Renewable Human Neural Stem Cells for Cell Therapy in Experimental Model of Ischemic Stroke / Ricardo L. Azevedo-Pereira and Marcel M. Daadi -- Transplantation of Fetal Midbrain Dopamine Progenitors into a Rodent Model of Parkinson's Disease / Lachlan H. Thompson and Clare L. Parish -- Distribution of Neural Precursor Cells in the Adult Mouse Brain / Daniel G. Blackmore and Rodney L. Rietze -- Identifying Neural Progenitor Cells in the Adult Human Brain / Thomas I.H. Park [and seven others] -- Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury: Not So Simple / Alan Mackay-Sim and François Féron.