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    edited by Doron Rapaport, Johannes M. Herrmann.
    Digital : Springer2013
    Quantitative analysis of cellular lipids by nano- electrospray ionization mass spectrometry / Cagakan Özbalci, Timo Sachsenheimer, and Britta Brügger -- Thin-layer chromatography of phospholipids / Rania M. Deranieh, Amit S. Joshi, and Miriam L. Greenberg -- Analysis of membrane lipid biogenesis pathways using yeast genetics / Martina Gsell and Günther Daum -- Using 2D crystals to analyze the structure of membrane proteins / Ian Collinson, Janet Vonck, and Dilem Hizlan -- Crystallization of membrane proteins / Florian G. Müller and C. Roy D. Lancaster -- Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins / Kristyna Pluhackova, Tsjerk A. Wassenaar, and Rainer A. Böckmann -- Site-specific fluorescent probe labeling of mitochondrial membrane proteins / Christine T. Schwall and Nathan N. Alder -- Topology determination of untagged membrane proteins / Iris Nasie, Sonia Steiner-Mordoch, and Shimon Schuldiner -- self-assembling GFP : a versatile tool for plant (membrane) protein analyses / Katharina Wiesemann ... [et al.] -- Use of cardiolipin-containing liposomes as a model system to study the interaction between proteins and the inner mitochondrial membrane / Milit Marom and Abdussalam Azem -- Analysis of the interaction between membrane proteins and soluble binding partners by surface plasmon resonance / Zht Cheng Wu... [et al.] -- Peptide interaction with and insertion into membranes / Ron Saar-Dover, Avraham Ashkenazi, and Yechiel Shai -- Scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy in model membrane systems / Joseph D. Unsay and Ana J. García-Sáez -- Analyses of protein-protein Interactions by in vivo photocrosslinking in budding yeast / Takuya Shiota, Shuh-ichi Nishikawa, and Toshiya Endo -- Sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation in hydrogenated and deuterated solvents for the characterization of membrane proteins / Aline Le Roy ... [et al.] -- Membrane partitioning and translocation studied by isothermal titration calorimetry / Carolyn Vargas, Johannes Klingler, and Sandro Keller -- Analyzing membrane dynamics with live cell fluorescence microscopy with a focus on yeast mitochondria / Dirk Scholz ... [et al.] -- Analysis of protein translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum of human cells / Johanna Dudek ... [et al.] -- Assay to monitor the membrane integration of single-span proteins / Katrin Krumpe and Doron Rapaport -- Methods to study the biogenesis of membrane proteins in yeast mitochondria / Daniel Weckbecker and Johannes M. Herrmann -- Reconstitution of mitochondrial presequence translocase into proteoliposomes / Martin van der Laan, Ralf M. Zerbes, and Chris van der Does -- Single channel analysis of membrane proteins in artificial bilayer membranes / Philipp Bartsch, Anke Harsman, and Richard Wagner -- Quantification of protein complexes by blue native electrophoresis / Juliana Heidler ... [et al.] -- Optimizing E. coli-based membrane protein production using Lemo21(DE3) and GFP-fusions / Anna Hjelm ... [et al.] .