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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Kidneys, suprarenal glands and posterior abdominal nerves and muscles

Nerves and blood vessels of diaphragm, viewed from below

Image #152-2

KEYWORDS: Adrenal gland.

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Kidneys, suprarenal glands and posterior abdominal nerves and muscles
Nerves and blood vessels of diaphragm, viewed from below
The pleural cavities have been opened by the extensive resection of ribs, and the lungs have been excised. The contents of the abdominal cavity have been removed. The diaphragm has been divested of peritoneum and fascia, and its costal origins have been trimmed off. Branches of the phrenic nerves (2, 6, 26) have been traced on the inferior aspect of the diaphragm. The inferior phrenic vessels have also been dissected.
1 . Central tendon
2 . Branches of right phrenic nerve
3 . Inferior phrenic artery and vein
4 . Foramen of vena cava (pointer on latex cast cut off at entrance into right atrium)
5 . Costal part of diaphragm
6 . Left pointer: Branch of phrenic nerve Right pointer: Esophageal hiatus
7 . Inferior phrenic vein (cut off at point of entry into inferior vena cava)
8 . Right inferior phrenic artery
9 . Right crus of diaphragm
10 . Greater splanchnic nerve (cut off)
11 . Costodiaphragmatic recess
12 . Medial lumbocostal arch
13 . Pleura (visible in interval between edges of diaphragmatic muscle see text above)
14 . Rib XII
15 . Psoas major muscle
16 . Sympathetic trunk (pointer on ganglion)
17 . Intervertebral disc L. II-III
18 . Position of transverse process vertebra L. I (note attachment of diaphragm in this area)
19 . Iliohypogastric nerve
20 . Quadratus lumborum muscle
21 . Thoracic nerve XII (subcostal nerve)
22 . Diaphragm (costal attachment in region of left eleventh and twelfth ribs)
23 . Sternum
24 . Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle (posterior layer, fused internally above with sternal part of diaphragm)
25 . Pericardium
26 . Branches of left phrenic nerve
27 . Left inferior phrenic vein
28 . Phrenic lymph node
29 . Esophagus (cut off)
30 . Left inferior phrenic artery
31 . Upper pointer: Celiac trunk (cut off) Lower pointer: Left crus of diaphragm
32 . Upper pointer: Abdominal aorta (cut off as it emerges through aortic hiatus) Lower pointer: Greater splanchnic nerve (cut off)
33 . Upper pointer: Lesser splanchnic nerve Lower pointer: Medial lumbocostal arch