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Jean Wallace worked with Prudence Breitrose in the Medical Development until she retired in about 1975
She died at the age of 93

Box 1

Box no. Contents
1.1 Reference, sources
1.2 Barkan, Adolph:
Library of the history of medicine is notable addition to Stanford Medical School, Marach 1923
1.3 Cooper, Elias Samuel:
Handwritten note about Dr. Cooper
Reprint from SF Medical Press Oct. 1862 – obituary notice
Reprint from Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal – obituary
Article from Daily Evening Bulletin, Nov. 28, 1856, “cooper’s eye, ear and orthopaedic infirmary”
Elias Samuel Cooper – information
Elias Samuel Cooper, M.D., 1822-1862 “Nulla dies sine linea”
Articles from the SF Medical Press, July, January, October
Article by Cooper “Maladied d’yeux et d’oreilles
1.4 Charles N. Ellinwood
1.5 Gibbons, Henry:
Some defensive remarks on the medical education and medical schools of America and particularly of California, 1877
Annual address before the SF county medical society, Jan. 27, 1857
Opening address delivered by Dr. LC lane at Toland Medical College, SF, Jun 4, 1866
Wine culture in California – lecture by Henry Gibbons, 1867
Annual address before the SF county medical society, Dec. 21, 1874 by Henry Gibbons “modern spiritism”
Camping out; therapeutically considered by Henry Gibbons, from the Pacific medical & Surgical Journal, Aug. 1877
Protest against meddlesome midwifery by Henry Gibbons, 1880
Sleep and sleeplessness by Henry Gibbons, March 1884 (Lane Popular Lecture)
Annual address before the SF county medical society, Nov. 9, 1869 by Henry Gibbons
Tobacco and its effects, 1868 by Dr. Henry Gibbons, Sr.
In memoriam
Handwritten note to Miss Wallace from Henry Gibbons
Fifty years ago, an address to the graduating class of the Medical College of the Pacific, by Henry Gibbons (booklet), 1878
Editorial by Henry Gibbons, Jr.
Classified ad - Henry Gibbons (business card)
Letter to Henry Gibbons from Miss Wallace
Henry Gibbons, Introduction
First of the popular course of lectures of 1885, delivered at Cooper medical college… by Henry Gibbons, In memoriam
Handwritten notes
Article from Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal 1884 – On some of the relations of body to mind
Article – Old-time treatment of concussion of the brain
Article – Editorial
Handwritten notes – Richard H. Plummer, 1840-1899
1.6 Lane, Levi C.:
Morning call, SF, Oct. 21, 1893, article – Many want posts in Dr. Levi C. Lane’s new hospital
Introductory address delivered at the opening of the course on physiology for the session 1861-2, Nov. 4, 1861
Stanford Medical Alumni Gazette (original copy) – collection of stories for SF newspapers and photographs of the time, May 24, 1963
Cooper Medical College, 1894 – statistics
Article – Then and Now – Personal recollections by Emmet Rixford, July 1953
Article – Address of the president by Emmet Rixford, Sept. 1928
Article – History of the SF Medical Society, 1850-1900
Article – Stanford Medical Alumni Bulletin – Early history of the dept. of surgery
Article – Stanford Medical Bulletin, April 1942? – Stillman-Rixford era
Handwritten notes about First Hundred Years
Handwritten and typed notes from Dr. Lane’s diaries, Europe, 1875
1.7 Stillman, Stanley S.:
Article – California Academy of Medicine – Stanley Stillman, 1861-1935, president 1924
Stanley Stillman 1861-1934, by Gunter W. Nagel
Handwritten notes by Emmet Rixford about the passing of Stanley Stillman
1.8 Wilbur, Ray Lyman:
Article – California Academy of Medicine – Ray Lyman Wilbur, 1875-1917, President 1917
1.9 Wythe, J.H.:
Condition and nature of the medical profession, lecture by J.H. Wythe, 1896
Lane Popular Lecture – Diseases of modern civilization, Feb. 1, 1884
Disease germs, Nov. 187
9 Scientific use of the imagination, Nov. 1877
1.10 Earthquake & fire, 1906:
Article – Pacific Medical Journal, May-June 1906
1.11 Hospitals:
Article – Editor’s table, 1862 – St. Mary’s Hospital
Booklet – SF Hospital
Article – Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal – “Our Hospitals”
SF Chronicle, June 27, 1965, “Presbyterian Medical Center: a study in contrasts” (large picture – “surgery in the old Lane Hospital
1.12 Cooper Medical College, Medical College of the Pacific, Medical Dept., University of the Pacific:
Article – SF, Dec. 20, 1911, “To the Alumni of Cooper Medical College” by Emmet Rixford, et al
Medical Dept. University of the Pacific 1858-1864, 1870-1872 and Medical College of the Pacific 1872-1882 Graduates
Annual Announcement of the Medical College of the Pacific, session of 1872
Annual Announcement of the Medical College of the Pacific, session of 1874
Announcement of location of college change from Stockton Street to Haight Street
Summary of University name changes
Article – SF Medical press, 1860, Editor’s Table “University of the Pacific”
1.13 Lecture Series:
Lane Medical Lecture Course description – founded in 1896 by Levi Cooper Lane
Lane Lectures – description from SF Western Lancet, Jan. 1883
Letters concerning Dr. Robert E. Swain
Copy of letter from McCutchen office to Daryl Pearson, Feb., 18, 1960
Lewis memorial lectureshipv Dr. Morris Herzstein course of medical lectures, Nov. 17, 1927v Special medical school lectures (Nov. 7, 1963), list of names and date established from the will of dr. Morris Herzstein
From the minutes of the board of directors of Cooper Medical College, Feb. 27, 1908 – concerning the lecture series (Lane Medical, Popular)
Letter from Lyle E. Cook to Windsor Cutting, Dec. 28, 1956 concerning observations about public relations
1.14 Lectures, Lane - Popular:
Lane Popular lectures – printed “invitations” for the individual lectures, titles and dated
List of the popular Lane Medical lectures (incomplete)
List of Lane Lectures for 1983 and 1984
List of Jake Gimbel sex psychology lectures, Apr. 3, 1946
1.15 Lane Medical Library:
Library of the history of medicine is notable addition to Stanford Medical School by Adolph Barkan, Mar. 1923, in Stanford Illustrated Review
Article – Bulletin of the SF county medical society, May 1931 – Lane Medical Libraryv Notes on library from Miss Manson, May, 1957
Levi Cooper Lane Library of Medicine and Surgery was created on Aug. 29, 1906
Medical Department receives more gifts – paragraph about Lane Medical Library building, April 1912
Paper by Emmet Rixford “intimate history of the Lane Medical Library, Nov. 1931
Handwritten notes about Dr. and Mrs. Lane
Article from the Stanford alumnus, Nov. 1912, “Lane Medical Library dedicated”
Paper …we are assembled here this afternoon to participate in the formal opening of Lane Medical Library…
Letters about twenty thousand dollars for building Lane Medical Library in SF, June 9, 1911
1.16 Stanford Medical School:
Booklet printed by the Stanford University Press “to help the sick” (pictures of Lane Hospital)
Notice to alumni from Gunther W. Nagel, …pictorial and living history of Stanford University Medical School is in the making…
Article - Stanford University - the first twenty five years (1891-1925) by Stanford University Press, 1937
Chronology of deans from Stillman to Raffe
l New Stanford curriculum, Oct. 14, 1958
Budget for clinic for Dr. Rixford, April 14, 1919v Stanford Medical School, Season’s Greetings – booklet – no date but wartime (character pictures of the faculty through the eyes of the senior class)
Medical Dept. receives more gifts, April 1912
Stanford University School of Medicine “a progress report on planning”, Feb. 1956
Stanford University School of Medicine chronology, April 16, 1945v Handwritten notes from Jean Wallace about SU School Medicine, various faculty members (Arthur William Meyer, Joseph H. Wythe, Hans Zinsser, Amelia Gates, Mary H. layman, R. Beverly Cole, Ann P. Purdy) and predecessor schools
1.17 Background Information:
Citation to the Pacific medical and surgical journal vol XXVI no. 5, Nov. 1883, page 193 – history of the medical law of California
Excerpt from book (H171HL99 1925) the Scalpel under three flags in California by George D. Lyman
Excerpt from book (H154H C69G2 1940) King Cole of California by Francis Tomlinson Gardner

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