Mrs. Pauline Lane
ca. 1837-1902

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This information secured by telephone 7/22/1976 from S.F. County Health Dept. (found in book Q) by Claire Still, History/Reference Librarian, Lane Medical Library

Died 8/11/02 at age 65 in San Francisco. Widowed.
Birthplace: Massachusetts
Place of death: 2302 Clay Street
Cause of death: fatty degeneration of heart
Contributory cause: dilation of right ventricle
Buried: Odd Fellow Cemetery
Physician who signed death certificate: C.N. Ellinwood, M.D.

Mrs. Pauline Lane, ca. 1837-1902
Wife of Levi Cooper Lane
Box 1
Miscellaneous Letters, Correspondence, Articles
Contents – gift of Ann Ellinwood 4/2004

1.1 Correspondence – Jacob Cooper to Levi Cooper (1883)
Letter from Dr. Hirschfelder (from Paris)
1.2 1896 Lane Hospital Nurses Graduation
1.3 Lecture addresses and Medical Society business
1.4 Taylor’s poems, Stanzas addressed to Prof Thomas Clifford Allbutt, 1898
“Farwell to the Springs” by E.R.T.
1.5 Societies
1.6 Levi and Pauline Lane letters, Abrams Clinic, Shadows on the ethics…
1.7 Business correspondence
1.8 Lecture cards
1.9 Ellinwood correspondence
1.10 Letters of Travel, a book by Mrs. LC Lane, 1886
(located in Special Collections H172.5H.L25)
1.11 Letters of Pauline C. Lane, 1875 (Europe)
1.12 The Shadow of a thought (poem, 1897); Laurel Hall Club; California & England
1.13 Album (newspaper poems)
1.14 Scrapbook material
1.15 Last Will and Testament of Pauline C. Lane (describes how the money in her estate was bequeathed)
1.16 Correspondence from Edward Robeson Taylor

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