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    editor, Giovanna Zinzalla.
    Understanding and exploiting protein-protein interactions as drug targets / Giovanna Zinzalla
    Protein-protein interactions : an emerging class of molecular targets for anticancer drugs / Alex W. White, Jitka Soukupov√° & Andrew D. Westwell
    Druggability of protein-protein interactions / Veronique Hamon & Xavier Morelli
    Chemical library screening approaches to aid the design of protein-protein inhibitors / Luca Laraia & David R. Spring
    Peptides as protein-protein interaction modulators / Erika Nieddu, Luisa Merello & Carlo Bidoia
    Constrained peptide helices / Andrew B. Mahon & Paramjit S. Arora
    Synthesis of peptidomimetic scaffolds / Andrew J. Wilson
    Computational approaches for the design of protein-protein interaction inhibitors / Wenbo Yu, Olgun Guvench & Alexander D. MacKerell Jr.
    Biochemical assays and biophysical tools for inhibitor identification and validation / Adrian Fowkes, Helene Bertrand & Geoff Wells
    Cell-based assays for identifying, validating and optimizing protein-protein interaction modulators / Abigail L. Male & Ali Tavassoli
    Future directions / Alexander L. Breeze
    Digital Access Future Med 2013