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    editors, María Cruz Minguillón, Mar Viana, Xavier Querol.
    PM : environmental monitoring and mitigation / María Cruz Minguillón, Mar Viana & Xavier Querol
    An introduction to atmospheric PM and air quality / Ana M. Sánchez de la Campa, Jesús D. de la Rosa & Andrés Alastuey
    Sources of PM in the environment / Philip K. Hopke
    Atmospheric PM across Europe : concentration levels and variability / Casimiro Pio & Célia Alves
    Monitoring techniques for PM and its composition / Gianluigi de Gennaro & Alessia Di Gilio
    Mitigation strategies : Berlin, Germany / Martin Lutz
    Mitigation strategies : London, UK / Martin Williams
    Mitigation strategies : Barcelona, Spain / Eladio de Miguel, María Cruz Minguillón, Mar Viana & Xavier Querol
    Mitigation strategies : Graz, Austria / Christian Nagl
    Mitigation strategies : Milan, Italy / Guido Lanzani
    Mitigation strategies : Castellón, Spain / Eliseo Monfort, Vicenta Sanfelix, María Cruz Minguillón, Irina Celades, Alberto Escrig & Xavier Querol
    Future perspective and research priorities / Xavier Querol, María Cruz Minguillón, Mar Viana & Andrés Alastuey
    Digital Access Future Med 2013