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    Ronald B. Johnston.
    Summary: Comprehensive, concise, and superbly illustrated, Weedon’s Skin Pathology Essentials, 3rd Edition, provides expert, easy-to-read guidance on key diagnoses in dermatopathology for pathologists and dermatologists in practice and training. This clearly written, well-structured text/atlas is ideal for quickly looking up practical problems in the recognition and diagnosis of skin lesions both clinically and histologically. Cross-referenced to the encyclopedic and authoritative Weedon’s Skin Pathology, 5th Edition, it enables you to avoid pitfalls and make the most accurate diagnoses with confidence.

    The Basics
    Diagnostic Clues and “Need-to-know” Items
    Lichenoid Reaction Pattern
    Psoriasiform Reaction Pattern
    Spongiotic Reaction Pattern
    Vesiculobullous Reaction Pattern
    Granulomatous Reaction Pattern
    Vasculopathic Reaction Pattern
    Disorders of Epidermal Maturation and Keratinization
    Disorders of Pigmentation
    Disorders of Collagen
    Disorders of Elastic Tissue
    Cutaneous Mucinoses
    Cutaneous Deposits
    Diseases of Cutaneous Appendages
    Cysts, Sinuses, and Pits
    Metabolic and Storage Diseases
    Miscellaneous Conditions
    Cutaneous Drug Reactions
    Reactions to Physical Agents
    Cutaneous Infections and Infestations
    Bacterial and Rickettsial Infections
    Spirochetal Infections
    Mycoses and Algal Infections
    Viral Diseases
    Protozoal Infections
    Marine Injuries
    Helminth Infestations
    Arthropod-induced Diseases
    Tumors of the Epidermis
    Lentigines, Nevi and Melanomas
    Tumors of Cutaneous Appendages
    Fibrous Tumors and Tumor-like Proliferations
    Tumors of Fat
    Tumors of Muscle, Cartilage, and Bone
    Neural and Neuroendocrine Tumors
    Vascular Tumors
    Cutaneous Metastases
    Cutaneous Non-lymphoid Infiltrates
    Cutaneous Lymphomatous and Leukemic Infiltrates.
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