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    Chinmayee Ratha, Ashok Khurana.
    Summary: This book provides an overview of Fetal Medicine practice focusing on various aspects of fetal health such as screening for fetal aneuploidies and imaging for fetal anomalies, their basic management and technological breakthroughs.Although the field of Fetal Medicine is very wide, this book has condensed the important issues and is written in an " easy to read" format to simplify concepts for the readers. Fetal Medicine has emerged as a separate specialization and has an interdisciplinary appeal for clinicians. With the advent of knowledge and awareness in this field there are emerging challenges in counseling patients regarding available options. This book aims to be a ready reference for clinicians in Obstetrics and Radiology who encounter patients with fetal anomalies, growth disorders, multiple pregnancies and genetic /chromosomal problems. This is a highly informative and carefully presented book providing insights for clinicians with an interest in Fetal Medicine.

    Introduction to fetal medicine
    Time line of fetal evaluation in normal pregnancy
    Basics of screening for fetal aneuploidies
    Basics of imaging for fetal anomalies
    Evaluation of fetal biometry
    System wise evaluation of fetus common problems and solutions
    Gastro intestinal
    Fetal growth disorders
    Basics of doppler imaging
    Application of doppler - Fetal doppler in growth restriction Maternal doppler in PE
    Lacental and cord related issues
    Basics of genetics
    Role of perinatal pathology
    Recurrent fetal problems
    Essentials of counseling.
    Digital Access Springer 2022