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    Irene Esposito, Eva Karamitopoulou-Diamantis, editors.
    Summary: This encyclopedia volume covers the complete field of pathology of the pancreas-- from Acinar cell neoplasms to Vascular resections. The alphabetically arranged entries, each of which provides a detailed description of a specific pathological disease pattern, allow readers to quickly and easily find the information they need.

    Acinar cell carcinoma
    Acinar cell nodules
    Acinar cystic transformation of the pancreas
    Acinar-to-ductal metaplasia
    Acute pancreatitis
    Age-related changes
    Alcohol-related chronic pancreatitis
    Anatomic variants, Surgical Pathology
    Anatomy and Organogenesis of the pancreas
    Anatomy, gross, Pathology of Pancreas
    Annular Pancreas
    Autoimmune pancreatitis
    Cystic fibrosis
    Ductal adenocarcinoma and Variants
    Ectopic tissue
    Familial and inherited pancreatic cancer
    Foregut cyst
    Glucagon-cell hyperplasia and neoplasia
    Groove pancreatitis
    Grossing of distal pancreatectomy specimens, Surgical Pathology
    Grossing of pancreatoduodenectomy specimens, Surgical Pathology
    Hereditary Chronic Pancreatitis
    Histology, Pathology of Pancreas.
    Digital Access Springer 2022