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    Aileen M. Feschuk, Rebecca M. Law, Howard I. Maibach, editors.
    Summary: This book is a comprehensive volume dedicated to dermal absorption and decontamination. Given risks including chemical warfare and accidents with toxic industrial chemicals, studies involving dermal absorption and decontamination are of the utmost importance. Each chapter consists of a systematic review on an important dermal absorption and/or decontamination topic. Chapters address key issues such as the general acceptance of water/ soap and water as the gold standard of dermal decontamination despite the fact that it commonly provides incomplete decontamination and may even result in a "wash-in effect" an increased penetration of contaminant). Decontamination with other substances (e.g. RSDL) is explored, and factors that affect dermal penetration (e.g. anatomical variation) are summarized. All systematic reviews are comprehensive and up-to-date. Dermal Absorption and Decontamination will be useful for many fields and disciplines. Firstly, information on dermal decontamination may be used by governments for military and national defense purposes in the event of chemical warfare. Additionally, this information would be of use to many production companies, whose employees are at risk of an accident with toxic industrial chemicals. Topics covered in the book will also be of use to pharmaceutical companies, especially those exploring transdermal delivery of drugs and is of great relevance to those in the medical field, particularly dermatologists.

    Skin Decontamination with Water: Evidence from In Vivo Human Studies
    Towards a harmonized protocol for in vitro human skin decontamination efficacy
    In Vitro Human Skin Decontamination with Water: Chemical Warfare Agents or Simulants
    In Vitro Human Skin Decontamination with Water: Occupational Contaminants
    Skin Decontamination with Water: Evidence from In Vivo Animal Models
    Skin Decontamination with Water: Evidence from In Vitro Animal Models
    Dry Decontamination with Readily Available Products
    A Review of Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion Efficacy
    Aqueous suspensions of Fullers earth potentiate the adsorption capacities of Paraoxon and improve skin decontamination properties
    Development of a next generation military skin decontaminant: Initial efficacy studies of Zirconium Hydroxide
    Findings from the PHOENIX project: Protocols for Hair and the Optimisation of Existing and Novel decontamination Interventions through experimentation
    Twenty clinically pertinent factors/ observations for percutaneous absorption in humans
    Lateral Spread and Percutaneous Penetration: An Overview
    Regional Variation in Percutaneous Absorption: Evidence from In Vitro Human Models
    Experimental Variability in TEWL Data
    Relationships Between Skin of Color and the TEWL Barrier .
    Digital Access Springer 2022