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    Tanupriya Choudhury, Avita Katal, Jung-Sup Um, Ajay Rana, Marwan Al-Akaidi, editors.
    Summary: This book provides an overview of the innovative concepts, methodologies and frameworks that will increase the feasibility of the existing telemedicine system. With the arrival of advanced technologies, telehealth has become a new subject, requiring a different understanding of IT devices and of their use, to fulfill health needs. Different topics are discussed - from the basics of TeleMedicine, to help readers understand the technology from ground up, to details about the infrastructure and communication technologies to offer deeper insights into the technology. The use of IoT and cloud services along with the use of blockchain technology in TeleMedicine are also discussed. Detailed information about the use of machine learning and computer vision techniques for the proper transmission of medical data - keeping in mind the bandwidth of the network - are provided. The book will be a readily accessible source of information for professionals working in the area of information technology as well as for the all those involved in the healthcare environment.

    Introduction and Fundamentals to Telemedicine
    Infrastructure and systems of Tele-Medicine and Remote Health Monitoring
    Legal perspective of Telemedicine - Policies, Legal and Regulatory Issues
    Integration of IoT and Cloud with Telemedicine
    Different technologies involved in Telemedicine
    M-Health Applications
    Machine Learning Techniques for TeleMedicine
    The Role of Computer Vision in TeleMedicine
    Communication technologies in telemedicine and M-Health and Ubiquitous healthcare
    E- Health and Cyber Medicine
    The Role of Blockchain in TeleMedicine
    Security and Privacy issue in TeleMedicine: issues, solutions, and standards
    The Role of TeleMedicine in COVID-19
    TeleMedicine: A future of Healthcare Sector in India
    Methodologies for Improving the Quality and Safety of Telehealth Systems
    The role of computational bioinformatics in tele-based healthcare
    Telemedicine in Children Health
    Introducing Tele-Medicine into Surgical Care: Case Study
    1Tele-Medicine in Oncology: Case Study 2 or other case studies in Tele-Medicine
    A predictive model for disease diagnosis using machine-learning techniques
    The network of TeleMedicine in Developing countries
    Telemedicine: Present and Future applications.
    Digital Access Springer 2022