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    Peter Conrad.
    Summary: "This is a new and expanded edition of a classic case-study in the medicalization of ADHD, originally published in 1976. The book centres on an empirical study of the process of identifying hyperactive children, providing a perceptive and accessible introduction to the concepts and issues involved. In this revised edition, Peter Conrad sets the original study in context, demonstrating the continuing relevance of his research. He highlights the issues at stake, outlining recent changes in our understanding of ADHD and reviewing recent sociological research. Peter Conrad is Harry Coplan Professor of Social Sciences at Brandeis University, USA. He has written extensively in the area of medical sociology, publishing nine books and over eighty articles and chapters."--Provided by publisher.

    Chapter 1 Introduction: Sociology, Illness, and Deviant Behavior / Peter Conrad
    chapter 2 The Discovery of Hyperkinesis / Peter Conrad
    chapter 3 Methodology / Peter Conrad
    chapter 4 The Setting and the Sample / Peter Conrad
    chapter 5 Identifying Behavior as Deviant and Defining Deviance as a Medical Problem: Audience Reactions to Children's Behavior / Peter Conrad
    chapter 6 The Social Construction of Hyperactivity: Uncertainty and Medical Diagnosis / Peter Conrad
    chapter 7 The Medicalization of Deviant Behavior / Peter Conrad
    chapter 8 Toward a Social System Approach to Hyperactivity: Situational Hyperactivity / Peter Conrad
    chapter 9 Clinic Outcomes, Conclusions, and Areas for Further Research / Peter Conrad
    chapter 10 Epilogue: A Theory of the Medicalization of Deviant Behavior / Peter Conrad
    chapter Epilogue 2000: From Hyperactive Children to ADHD Adults: Observations on the Expansion of Medical Categories / Peter Conrad Deborah Potter.
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