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    [edited by] James Van Rhee, Christine Bruce, Stephanie Neary.
    Summary: "Clinical medicine, internal medicine, primary care. These are all course titles used by Physician Assistant (PA) programs throughout the United States to describe didactic or clinical year courses covering the essentials of evaluation, diagnosis, and management of clinical problems across clinical settings"-- Provided by publisher.

    Dermatologic System / James Van Rhee
    Ocular System / Taylor L. Fischer, Ryan C. Chaney, Blakely A. Garrity, Lindsay Lyon, Diana M. Sukup
    Ears, Nose, and Throat Disorders / David Brissette, Rebecca Orsulak
    Pulmonary System / Jesse Coale, Analisa Ambrosi, Deanna Denault, Shannon Diallo
    Cardiovascular System / Christine Bruce, Jill Cowen
    Hematologic System / James Van Rhee
    Oncology / James Van Rhee
    Gastrointestinal System / Elizabeth Thompson, Nana Bernasko, Jessica Dahmus, Brandon Headlee
    Nutrition / Anne Wildermuth
    Renal System / James Van Rhee
    Genitourinary System / James Van Rhee, Chris Roman, Elizabeth Schmidt, Linda Lang, Mary Ruggeri
    Reproductive System / Stephanie Neary
    Musculoskeletal System / Christine Bruce; Paul Kuhlman; Tad Schrader; Carey Wheelhouse; Morgan Wilson
    Rheumatology / Christine Bruce; Carrie Beebout; Sylvie Fadrhonc; Benjamin Smith
    Neurologic System / Melinda Gottschalk
    Endocrine System / Stephanie Neary; Gina Hogg
    Infectious Diseases / James Van Rhee; Sampath Wijesinghe
    Psychiatry / Rachel Byrne
    Care of the Sexual and Gender Minority Patient / Dianne Bruessow, Jonathan Baker, Lauren Eisenbeis
    Preventive Medicine / John Bastin, Brigitta Cintron, Courtney Wilke
    Abuse / Tom Balga
    Surgery / Kenneth D. Sherry
    Genetic Disorders / Nguyen H. Park.
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