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    Robert J. Daigle, Jr. BA, RVT, FSVU.
    Chapter 1: Principles of Doppler ultrasound
    Chapter 2: Carotid color duplex scanning
    Chapter 3: Carotid interpretation
    Chapter 4: Vertebral & subclavian artery imaging
    Chapter 5: Venous anatomy and hemodynamics
    Chapter 6: Venous duplex imaging : lower extremities
    Chapter 7: Imaging methods for venous insufficiency
    Chapter 8: Venous imaging of upper extremities
    Chapter 9: Arterial hemodynamics, anatomy, and physiology
    Chapter 10: Physiologic arterial testing : lower extremities
    Chapter 11: Color duplex imaging : lower extremity arteries
    Chapter 12: Arterial bypass grafts & stents
    Chapter 13: Arterial evaluation of the upper extremities
    Chapter 14: Hemodialysis access fistulas & grafts
    Chapter 15: Transcranial Doppler
    Chapter 16: Abdominal Doppler fundamentals
    Chapter 17: Statistics & quality assurance
    Chapter 18: Glossary
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