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    John T. Finnell, Brian E. Dixon, editors.
    Summary: This completely updated study guide textbook is written to support the formal training required to become certified in clinical informatics. The content has been extensively overhauled to introduce and define key concepts using examples drawn from real-world experiences in order to impress upon the reader the core content from the field of clinical informatics. The book groups chapters based on the major foci of the core content: health care delivery and policy; clinical decision-making; information science and systems; data management and analytics; leadership and managing teams; and professionalism. The chapters do not need to be read or taught in order, although the suggested order is consistent with how the editors have structured their curricula over the years. Clinical Informatics Study Guide: Text and Review serves as a reference for those seeking to study for a certifying examination independently or periodically reference while in practice. This includes physicians studying for board examination in clinical informatics as well as the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) health informatics certification. This new edition further refines its place as a roadmap for faculty who wish to go deeper in courses designed for physician fellows or graduate students in a variety of clinically oriented informatics disciplines, such as nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, radiology, health administration and public health.

    The discipline of clinical informatics: maturation of a new profession / Don E. Detmer, Benson S. Munger, Elaine B. Steen, and Edward H. Shortliffe
    Fundamentals of computer science / Eric Puster
    Clinical informatics policy and regulations / Matthew A. Eisenberg
    The U.S. health system / Craig D. Norquist
    Evidence-based health care / Arlene E. Chung, Christopher S. Evans, P. Jon White, and Edwin Lomotan
    Clinical decision-making / Stephen M. Downs
    Clinical decision support: it's more than just alerts / Mahima Vijayaraghavan, Lisa Masson, and Joseph Kannry
    Clinical workflow analysis, process redesign, and quality improvement / Mustafa Ozkaynak, Kim Unertl, Sharon Johnson, Juliana Brixey, and Saira N. Haque
    Human factors engineering and human-computer interaction: supporting user performance and experience / Richard J. Holden, Ephrem Abebe, Jordan R. Hill, Janetta Brown, April Savoy, Stephen Voida, Josette F. Jones, and Anand Kulanthaivel
    Information technology systems / Shawn N. Murphy and Jeffrey G. Klann
    Clinical information systems and applications / Caitlin M. Cusack, Veena Lingam, Christoph U. Lehmann, and Rachel Wong
    System development life cycle / Vishnu Mohan
    Healthcare data and exchange standards / William Hersh
    Health information exchange and interoperability / Brian E. Dixon, A. Jay Holmgren, Julia Adler-Milstein, and Shaun J. Grannis
    Data information and governance / Carl McKinley
    Analytics / Suranga N. Kasthurirathne and Shaun J. Grannis
    Cybersecurity in healthcare / Bryan C. McConomy and Dennis E. Leber
    Telehealth / Saira N. Haque and Emily M. Hayden
    Leadership models, processes, and practices / Robert C. (Bob) Marshall
    Effective interdisciplinary teams / Titus Schleyer, Sarah Zappone, Candace Wells-Myers, and Todd Saxton
    Strategic and financial planning / Natalie M. Pageler and Jonathan P. Palma
    Effective implementation of a clinical information system / Kim M. Unertl, Christoph U. Lehmann, and Nancy M. Lorenzi
    Project management / Lisa M. Masson, Carole A. Klove, and Noelle Provenzano
    Consumer health informatics: engaging and empowering patients and families / Deepti Pandita
    Public health informatics / Saira N. Haque, Brian E. Dixon, Shaun J. Grannis, and Jamie Pina
    Precision health / Feliciano B. Yu Jr.
    Digital Access Springer 2022