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    Dianna Booher.
    Summary: "The classic business communication guide--updated for smart phones, social media, and other digital platforms communicate clearly, tactfully, and confidently in any situation, including: being persuasive, running productive meetings, asking the right questions, coaching, negotiating, resolving conflicts, responding to insults, offering praise, delegating responsibilities, crossing cultural divides, networking at events. "Communicate with confidence! is ...the clearest, most comprehensive, and most credible guide to persuasive and authentic communication available today." --Publisher description.

    Introduction: communication is a life-or-death matter
    Establishing your credibility
    Conversing one on one
    Making small talk a big deal
    Winning people over to your way of thinking : being persuasive
    Holding your own in meetings, but working as a team
    Listening until you really hear
    Asking the right questions without being intrusive
    Answering questions so people understand and remember what you say
    Saying no and giving other bad news without damaging the relationship
    Apologizing (and accepting apologies) without groveling or grit
    Giving feedback or criticizing without crippling
    Taking the sting out of negative feedback or criticism leveled at you
    Giving advice or coaching someone can really use
    Getting advice or coaching that's helpful
    Negotiating so everyone feels like a winner
    Resolving your conflicts without punching someone out
    Mediating others' conflicts without getting caught in the line of fire
    Responding to insults, boasting, insensitivity, gossip, and other goofs hurled at you
    Praising (and accepting praise) so your comments carry weight
    Delegating and giving instructions so "nothing falls between the cracks"
    Minimizing cross-talk between men and women
    Crossing the cultural gulf
    Syncing your body language with your words
    Presenting yourself online through social media
    Communicating common courtesy : etiquette matters.
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