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    Carmine Zoccali, Pietro Ruggieri, Francesco Benazzo, editors.
    Summary: Filling a gap in the literature, this is the first book to comprehensively discuss 3D printing applied to bone surgery. It provides both the scientific basics and practical applications, with a special focus on 3D-printed, custom-made titanium prostheses (3DPCMP) used for bone reconstruction following tumor resection. Initially applied to pelvic and scapular prostheses – because of their of highly complex anatomy – this technology is increasingly being adopted in other fields of orthopedics, such as limb surgery, traumatology and degenerative diseases. Throughout the book, experts from various fields share their knowledge, describing 3D printing applied to the reconstruction of different bone segments, reviewing each application and comparing it with traditional reconstruction. They also present real-world case studies from their clinical practice. Uniquely responding to the growing interest surrounding 3D printing for bone reconstruction, this book is invaluable for orthopedic, neuro- , head and neck as well as maxillofacial surgeons wishing to gain insights into this new and promising field.

    Chapter 1) Indications: Didactical Use of 3D Printing, Surgical Didactical Use, Surgical Planning, Patient Information, Custom-Made Prosthesis, Spacer and Template, External Prosthesis, Cast
    Chapter 2) The Rationale of 3D Printing in Oncological Orthopaedics
    Chapter 3) The 3D Printing Production Procedure
    Chapter 4) The Engineer’s Point of View
    Chapter 5) 3D Pelvis/Hip Prosthesis
    Chapter 6) Custom Reconstruction Around the Knee
    Chapter 7) When the Bone Is Not Enough: The Role of Custom Made Implants in Cup Revision Surgery
    Chapter 8) 3D Scapula/Shoulder Prosthesis
    Chapter 9) 3D Vertebral Prosthesis
    Chapter 10) 3D Skull Prosthesis
    Chapter 11) 3D Facial Prosthesis
    Chapter 12) 3D Carpal (Hand) Prosthesis
    Chapter 13) 3D Tarsal (Foot) Prosthesis
    Chapter 14) The Composite Custom-Made Prosthesis
    Chapter 15) 3D-Printed Custom-Made Instruments
    Chapter 16) Future Developments of 3D Printing in Bone Surgery.
    Digital Access Springer 2022