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    Robert T. Brodell, Adam C. Byrd, Cindy Firkins Smith, Vinayak K. Nahar, editors.
    Summary: This book addresses the maldistribution of health care between people in dense cities and more rural areas. This proactive resource provides solutions that will motivate dermatologists to make a difference, including free rural clinics and incentives to attract dermatologists to the aforementioned areas. Comprehensive yet concise, the book encompasses not only the logistics of the healthcare issues, including location, incentive, and set up of facility but includes insight into the effectiveness of teledermatology, a practice more commonly utilized due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Additionally, chapters examine the relationship between economic viability and quality of care, as well as government incentives and political action to mitigate this issue. Unique and timely, Dermatology in Rural Settings is an invaluable resource for dermatologists, resident dermatologists, and academic physicians interested in rural and urban health.

    1. Rural Dermatology: Statistical Measures and Epidemiology
    2. A Comparison of rural and urban dermatology
    3. Making a Difference: Assessment of the Economic Viability and Impact of Rural Practice
    4. Government and private efforts to incentivize rural practice
    5. The Practice of Austere (resource-limited) Dermatology
    6. Rural Dermatology Residency Slots: Priming the Pump
    7. Training Medical Students in a Rural Dermatology Clinic
    8. Political Action in Rural Dermatology
    9. Academic Rural Dermatology Offices
    10. Private Practice Rural Dermatology Offices
    11. Advanced Practice Providers Role in Rural Dermatology
    12. Dermatology on American Indian and Alaska Native Reservations.-13. Project ECHO: improving rural dermatology through digital primary care education
    14. Delivering "store and forward" teledermatology to rural primary care practices: an efficient approach to provision of rural skin care
    15. Overcoming Barriers to Implementation of Teledermatology in Rural America
    16. Worldwide Rural Dermatology Health Services Research
    17. Rural dermatology private practice: a life worth living
    18. Attracting dermatologists to rural America
    19. Free Rural Clinics: City Folk Making a Difference in Rural America.
    Digital Access Springer 2021