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    edited by Jane A. Soxman.
    Summary: "The Second Edition of the Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry features updated and expanded information on pediatric clinical dentistry, including eight new chapters written by educators with special interest in each topic. Since publication of the first edition, non-invasive treatment is at the forefront of pediatric dental care, and the new edition reflects this, with multiple options and techniques for non-invasive treatment. The book is filled with photographs for improved understanding and guidance through the procedures described. The book is an easy-to-read guide to clinical pediatric dentistry with practical evidence-based information for dental students, assistants, hygienists, residents in both general dentistry and specialty training, and general and pediatric dentists. Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry is a valuable resource for assuring excellence in care for our youngest patients"-- Provided by publisher.

    Noninvasive and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dental Caries / Jane A. Soxman, Jeanette MacLean, and Christel M. Haberland
    Sealants / Jane A. Soxman and Patrice Barsamian Wunsch
    Local Anesthesia for the Pediatric Patient / Janice A. Townsend, Jane A. Soxman, and Stanley F. Malamed
    Primary Incisor Restoration / Ari Kupietzky
    Primary Molar Adhesive Tooth Restoration / Constance M. Killian and Theodore P. Croll
    Vital Pulp Therapy for Primary Molars / Jane A. Soxman
    Pulpectomy for Primary Teeth / James A. Coll
    Full-Coverage Restoration of Primary Molars / Jane A. Soxman, Ehsan N. Azadani, and Paul S. Casamassimo
    Indirect Pulp Therapy for Young Permanent Molars / Patrice Barsamian Wunsch
    Direct Pulp Therapy for Young Permanent Molars / Patrice Barsamian Wunsch
    Diagnosis and Management of Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization / J. Timothy Wright
    Management of Esthetic Concerns / Elizabeth S. Gosnell, Roshan V. Patel, J. Timothy Wright, and S. Thikkurissy
    Extraction of Primary Dentition / Jane A. Soxman
    Traumatic Injury to the Primary Incisors / Patrice Barsamian Wunsch
    Pulpal Treatment in Young Permanent Incisors Following Traumatic Injuries / Joe H. Camp
    Reattachment of Permanent Incisor Enamel Fragments / Jane A. Soxman
    Ectopic Eruption of Maxillary First Permanent Molar / Ari Kupietzky and Jane A. Soxman
    Ectopic Eruption of Maxillary Permanent Canines / Jane A. Soxman
    Infraocclusion of Mandibular Primary Molars / Jane A. Soxman
    Space Maintenance / Jane A. Soxman
    Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment in the Mixed Dentition / Jane A. Soxman
    Non-nutritive Sucking and Parafunctional Habits / Jane A. Soxman
    Behavior Guidance / Jane A. Soxman and Janice A. Townsend
    Caries Risk Assessment / Christel M. Haberland
    Clinical Examination of the Infant / Jane A. Soxman and S. Thikkurissy
    Clinical Examination of the Patient with Special Healthcare Needs / S. Thikkurissy, Giulia M. Castrigano, and AnnMarie Matusak
    Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children / Cristina V. Perez
    Pediatric Oral Medicine / Christel M. Haberland.
    Digital Access Wiley 2021