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    Lindsey Migliore, Caitlin McGee, Melita N. Moore, editors.
    Summary: Esports medicine is a subspecialty in its infancy: Research, resources, and guidelines are evolving rapidly as more is understood about this burgeoning patient population. This unique handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of esports, play mechanics and terminology specifically targeted towards healthcare professionals previously unfamiliar with the subject matter. It conveys the essentials of an esports history and physical exam and acts as a step-by-step guide for treating video gamers and esports athletes. Furthermore, it guides providers through each and every major diagnosis related to gaming, with the specific mechanisms of the injury, relevant physical exam maneuvers, and treatments selected specifically for gaming, covering upper and lower extremity injuries, conditions of the neck and back, gaming ergonomics, and psychological, nutritional and cultural considerations. Timely and practical, Handbook of Esports Medicine is a valuable resource for primarily sports medicine, orthopedic, physical medical and rehabilitation, and pediatric physicians, as well as therapists, psychologists and trainers involved in competitive gaming.

    What is Esports? The Past, Present, and Future of Competitive Gaming
    Upper Extremity Disorders in Esports
    Neck and Back Disorders in Esports
    Lower Extremity Disorders in Esports
    The Ergonomics of Esports
    Nutrition for the Video Gamer
    The Psychology of Digital Games
    Esports Mental Performance
    Prevention of Esports Injuries
    Esports Cultural Competence.
    Digital Access Springer 2021