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    Antonio Granata, Michele Bertolotto, editors.
    Summary: This book is a wide-ranging guide to current and emerging applications of ultrasonography within nephrology that aims to provide readers with a sound understanding of the rationale for and the use of ultrasound techniques in various disease settings, including, for example, complications following renal transplantation, arteriovenous fistulas, renal artery stenosis, nonstenotic renal artery pathology, renal vein pathology, aortic disease, and acute renal failure. Particular emphasis is placed on newer applications, such as those involving elastosonography, contrast-enhanced ultrasonography, and color Doppler imaging. There is no doubt that ultrasound techniques can improve the standard of care in nephrology, from vascular access planning to management of uremic complications. Nevertheless, many nephrologists continue to delegate the performance of ultrasonography to radiologists or other colleagues, which is especially regrettable given the advent of affordable, portable ultrasound scanners. This book will be of value for all clinicians interested in the role of ultrasound techniques in nephrology and will be especially useful for nephrologists seeking to incorporate ultrasonography into their practice. .

    Doppler Signal and Doppler Waveform Analysis
    Grayscale Ultrasound Artifacts
    Color Doppler and CEUS Artifacts
    AKI and CIN: Real or Hype?
    NSF: Real or Hype?
    Gadolinium Retention in Brain and Body: Clinical and Preclinical Evidence
    Acute Kidney Injury: Color Doppler US
    Chronic Kidney Disease: Color Doppler US
    The Diabetic Kidney
    Renal Vessels
    Renal Traumas in Nephrologic Patients
    The Elderly Kidney
    Intraparenchymal Renal Resistive Index: The Basic of Interpretation and Common Misconceptions
    Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in Nephrology
    Functional MR Imaging in Native Kidney Dysfunction
    Transplanted Kidney
    Sonographic Evaluation of Surgical Complications of Kidney Transplantation
    Functional MR Imaging in Transplanted Kidney Dysfunction
    Elastography of the Kidney
    Renal Biopsy
    Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter
    Ultrasound-Guided Central Venous Catheter Placement for Hemodialysis
    The Role of Doppler Ultrasound in Preoperative Vascular Mapping and Postoperative Follow-Up of Arteriovenous Fistula for Hemodialysis
    Carotid Artery Evaluation
    Echocardiography in Nephrology
    Basic Lung Ultrasonography for the Nephrologist.
    Digital Access Springer 2021