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    clinical editor, Jessica Shank Coviello, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC.
    Summary: "Offering expert direction, this freshly updated, fully illustrated guide is packed with images and learning aids that support your understanding and retention in obtaining and interpreting rhythm strips. Recognize and treat a wide variety of arrhythmias with this vital text -- an ideal study aid and friendly on-the-unit support for both students and practicing nurses."--Publisher's description.

    Part I. ECG fundamentals
    Chapter 1. Cardiac anatomy and physiology / Opal V. Wilson
    Chapter 2. Obtaining a rhythm strip / Jessica Shank Coviello
    Chapter 3. Interpreting a rhythm strip / Carolynn Spera Bruno
    Part II. Recognizing arrhythmias
    Chapter 4. Sinus node arrhythmias / Leigh Ann Trujillo
    Chapter 5. Atrial arrhythmias / Nancy Bekken
    Chapter 6. Junctional arrhythmias / Karen Knight-Frank
    Chapter 7. Ventricular arrhythmias / Maurice H. Espinoza
    Chapter 8. Atrioventricular blocks / Leigh Ann Trujillo
    Part III. Treating arrhythmias
    Chapter 9. Nonpharmacologic treatments / Karen Crisfulla
    Chapter 10. Pharmacologic treatments / Mary L. Johnston
    Part IV. The 12-lead ECG
    Chapter 11. Obtaining a 12-lead ECG / Marcella Ann Mikalaitis
    Chapter 12. Interpreting a 12-lead ECG / Carolynn Spera Bruno
    Appendices and index
    Practice makes perfect / Kathleen M. Hill
    ACLS algorithms
    Brushing up on interpretation skills / Kathleen M. Hill
    Look-alike ECG challenge
    Quick guide to arrhythmias
    Digital Access Ovid 2020