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    Rosemary B. Crouch.
    "At the very beginning of the development of the profession of occupational therapy Anne Mosey put together some exciting concepts such as "A group is more than a collection of individuals. Members of a group are bonded together by their group identity and shared purposes which will be realised by interacting and working together" (Mosey 1973). Why Groups? What is it that actually makes group therapy an occupational therapists' choice of intervention when there are other methods available? Does one look at personal preference, or suitability in a particular clinical area which is related to curative factors for particular clients? It has to be a combination of both. "We use groups because they are a naturally occurring phenomenon, which are known to have good and bad effects on people." (Bundey, Cullen, Denshing et, al.1968). Fouché (2019) describes a group as part of a microcosm and states that "The way you interact with others in the outside world will be the same way in which you will act and treat others in the group or society and the same requirements. "(p.1) She also states that "groups present a small society and have the same ingredients as any community.""-- Provided by publisher.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2021