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    Lionel Bercovitch, Clifford S. Perlis, Benjamin K. Stoff, Jane M. Grant-Kels, editors.
    Summary: This extensively updated textbook reviews the ethical issues faced within dermatology. Bringing together practical real-life case scenarios and scholarly analysis, it covers the foundations of bioethics, as well as ethical issues associated with the various roles dermatologists play, including clinician, professional, educator, business person, and scholar. New chapters on the ethics of dermatologic care during pandemics, non-traditional interventions, private equity in dermatology, self-care and improvement, skin cancer screening, maintenance of certification, the ethics of clinical trial design are also included. Dermatoethics: Contemporary Ethics and Professionalism in Dermatology, 2nd Edition creates a dialogue around issues of ethics and professionalism within dermatology and is an essential text for both trainee and practicing dermatologists wishing to immerse themselves in the key questions in the discipline.

    Foundations of Dermatoethics
    Dermatology at the beginning and end of life
    Beyond the office visit: ethical obligations outside of the traditional dermatologist patient encounter
    Nontraditional interventions and drug dispensing
    Communication and the dermatologist-patient relationship
    Professional boundaries
    Dealing with difference
    Self-care and self -improvement
    Public health and advocacy
    Corporatization, consolidation, and conflict of interest in dermatology
    Honesty in advertising in dermatology
    Is there a moral obligation for dermatologists to accept health insurance?
    Distributive justice and drug dispensing and pricing
    Responsibilities of the trainee to the patient; disclosure, supervision, first-time procedures
    Faculty-resident-student and mentor-mentee relationships; healthy and unhealthy dynamics
    Ethics of residency and fellowship matches
    Ethical responsibilities of program directors
    Ethical responsibilities of department chairs
    Role of medical students in clinic
    Publication ethics
    Ethics of clinical trial design
    Respect for human subjects: Ethical obligations of investigators
    Clinical practice guidelines and conflicts of interest
    Role of industry in research funding; non-disclosure agreements
    Ethics for research consortiums
    Ethics of cutting edge trials for desperate patients.
    Digital Access Springer 2021