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    Giuseppe Micieli, Anna Cavallini, Stefano Ricci, Domenico Consoli, Jonathan A. Edlow, editors.
    Summary: This book adopts a novel approach: procedures: instead of discussing the diagnostic categories of neurological syndromes, it focuses on the symptoms of common neurological presentations (especially in the emergency room or on the ward), and the diagnostic hypotheses that can be validated or rejected case by case as a result. Each chapter covers one of the main symptoms of emergencies in neurology from transient consciousness disturbances to focal deficits, acute muscular disorders, respiratory insufficiency in neurological disorders, headaches, delirium, seizures and epileptic status, para-and tetraplegia, and head trauma, to acute functional disorders and includes tables and figures to allow readers to gain a quick and easy, yet comprehensive overview of the topic. The book guides readers through various scenarios generated by the onset of symptoms, the clinical tools for differential diagnostics, and the principles of acute and post-acute phase therapy, managed by decision algorithms supported by the most recent scientific evidence. The resulting precedural profile created through the collaboration of over 80 specialists in neurology or other disciplines makes this text a valuable tool for neurologists, neurology residents and allied professionals in their daily clinical practice, as well as medical students.

    Chapter 1. Transient loss of consciousness
    Chapter 2. Coma
    Chapter 3. Delirium /acute confusional state
    Chapter 4. Motor and non-motor epileptic manifestations
    Chapter 5. Headache
    Chapter 6. Fever and neurological signs
    Chapter 7. Acute vision disorders
    Chapter 8. Dizziness
    Chapter 9. Diagnostic algorithm for patients presenting with acute dizziness: the ATTEST method
    Chapter 10. Focal neurological deficits
    Chapter 11. Paraplegia and quadriplegia in the emergency room and in intensive care environment
    Chapter 12. Head injuries
    Chapter 13. Muscle pains, loss of strength and/or sensory disorders
    Chapter 14. Emergencies in movement disorders
    Chapter 15. Airway and respiratory emergencies in neurological disorders
    Chapter 16. Neurological emergencies in pregnancy and puerperium
    Chapter 17. Functional disorders in neurological emergencies
    Chapter 18. Clinical toxicology in emergency neurology
    Chapter 19. Clinical models for neurological emergency.
    Digital Access Springer 2021