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  • Book
    edited by Larry D. Purnell, Eric A. Fenkl.
    Summary: This textbook is the new edition of Purnell's famous Transcultural Health Care, based on the Purnell twelve-step model and theory of cultural competence. This textbook, an extended version of the recently published Handbook, focuses on specific populations and provides the most recent research and evidence in the field. This new updated edition discusses individual competences and evidence-based practices as well as international standards, organizational cultural competence, and perspectives on health care in a global context. The individual chapters present selected populations, offering a balance of collectivistic and individualistic cultures. Featuring a uniquely comprehensive assessment guide, it is the only book that provides a complete profile of a population group across clinical practice settings. Further, it includes a personal understanding of the traditions and customs of society, offering all health professionals a unique perspective on the implications for patient care.

    Part I. Foundations for Cultural Competence
    Chapter 1. Transcultural Diversity and Health Care: Individual and Organizational
    Chapter 2. The Purnell Model and Theory for Cultural Competence
    Chapter 3. Individual Competence and Evidence-Based practice (with inclusion of the International Standards)
    Chapter 4. Organizational Cultural Competence
    Chapter 5. Perspectives on Nursing in a Global Context
    Part II. Aggregate Data for Cultural-Specific Groups
    Chapter 6. People of African American Heritage
    Chapter 7. The Amish
    Chapter 8. People of Appalachian Heritage
    Chapter 9. People of Arab Heritage
    Chapter 10. People of Chinese Heritage
    Chapter 11. People of Cuban Heritage
    Chapter 12. People of European American Heritage
    Chapter 13. People of Filipino Heritage
    Chapter 14. People of German Heritage
    Chapter 15. People of Guatemalan Heritage
    Chapter 16. People of Haitian Heritage
    Chapter 17. People of Hindu Heritage
    Chapter 18. People of Hmong Heritage
    Chapter 19. People of Japanese Heritage
    Chapter 20. People of Jewish heritage
    Chapter 21. People of Korean Heritage
    Chapter 22. People of Mexican Heritage
    Chapter 23. People of Polish Heritage
    Chapter 24. People of Puerto Rican Heritage
    Chapter 25. People of Russian Heritage.
    Digital Access Springer 2021