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    Perri Klass, Eileen Costello.
    Summary: This classic, coauthored by New York Times columnist and pediatrician Dr. Perri Klass, has been fully revised and updated to reflect the recent significant changes in the recognition and care of children whose development doesn't go as expected. It includes new information about therapeutic interventions, managing co-morbidities, and getting support for children with developmental differences at school. Additional information covers community resources, initiatives at hospitals, clinics, and even theme parks, that make life easier for children with developmental differences and their families. The authors also offer a stronger focus on self-care for parents in this new edition, with the pediatrician's perspective of supporting families as they go through the diagnostic process over time.

    Front Cover
    Title Page
    Part 1: A World of Quirky Kids
    What You Should Know
    Chapter 1. My Kid Is Different: Wondering and Worrying
    Chapter 2. Specialists, Labels, and Alphabet Soup: Diagnosis or Difference?
    Chapter 3. Understanding the Diagnosis: Grief and Loss and Moving Forward
    Part 2: Growing Up Quirky
    Literary Glimpses
    What You Should Know
    Chapter 4. Logistics of Everyday Life: The Home and the World
    Chapter 5. Family Life: Siblings, Parents, and Extended Family Chapter 6. Educating the Quirky Child: Every Year Is Different
    Chapter 7. Moving Through the School Years: Thriving and Learning in the Educational System
    Chapter 8. The Social Life of a Quirky Kid: Finding Friends and Making Connections
    Part 3: The Science, the Medical Science, and the Pseudoscience of Quirky Kids
    Literary Glimpses
    What You Should Know
    Chapter 9. Therapies: Finding Help and Evaluating the Help You Find
    Chapter 10. Medications and the Quirky Child: Drugs, Doses, and Daily Routines
    Chapter 11. Medical Perspectives on the Quirky Child: Questions and Answers Part 4: Looking Ahead
    Quirky Characters
    What You Should Know
    Chapter 12. Adolescence and Adulthood: Quirky Kids Grow Up
    Back Cover
    Digital Access AAP ebooks 2021